Free-Floating or Docking Station

Scooter, Bike and Moped Sharing

Quickly launch your service with our support, as we handle the complexities of compliance with city regulations and vehicle integration, ensuring a smooth and efficient start-up process.

Market-proven track record by supporting operators to scale from 200 to 20.000 vehicles

Tools for success in micromobility

As your technology provider, our mission is to provide you with exceptional tools for mastering operations and marketing. This, in turn, enhances utilization, leading to increased revenues.


Choose from a range of integrated products to enhance the user experience while gaining access to a diverse fleet of supported vehicles and docking stations.

Pricing options

Tailor your business model to fit your requirements by configuring unlock fees, day and night tariffs, and discounts for vehicles with low demands.

User engagement tools

Harness features such as ride passes and memberships to offer incentives and rewards to loyal users who frequently use your services.


Master free-floating challenges

City compliance: Ensure compliance with city regulations by efficiently managing multiple geofenced areas, including capacity limits, prohibited zones, and low-speed areas.

Demand analysis: Utilize heatmaps and geospatial data to identify and understand performance variations across different areas.

Vehicle longevity: Maximize vehicle lifespan with anti-theft and recovery features, including notifications triggered by QR code scans for lost vehicles.

Docking stations

Station-based sharing by leveraging docks

User experience: Automatically end a rental after the vehicle is being returned to the correct dock.

A to A and A to B: Our platform accommodates both return-to-origin and flexible drop-off use cases. Users can either return vehicles to the same spot or conveniently leave them at any available docking station.

Docking brands: Our abstract integration layer provides the flexibility to seamlessly integrate a variety of docking station brands on request, ensuring adaptability to diverse infrastructure needs.


Make sure to win and keep tenders

MDS: Our readily available APIs simplify the connection to existing Mobility Data Specification (MDS) interfaces provided by the city, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free integration process.

GBFS: We offer ready-to-use General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS) interfaces for cities, facilitating easy integration. Notably, prominent Mobility as a Service (MaaS) applications like Google Maps utilize GBFS to display scooters, enhancing visibility and accessibility for users.

Capacities: Easily manage the capacities of geographic areas using our platform. You can adjust them dynamically based on Mobility Data Specification (MDS) or set them manually to maintain a balanced distribution of allowed vehicles within each region.


Out-of-the-box available MaaS APIs

Market-proven APIs: Offer a comprehensive MaaS API to enable seamless integrations for MaaS providers, allowing them to fully incorporate our services into their MaaS applications.

Full Integration: Enable full integration for MaaS applications, empowering them to offer a seamless end-to-end user experience. MaaS providers can start and end rentals and directly bill their customers. At the end of each month, you will receive a report detailing outstanding payments from the MaaS provider.

Launch your Bike, Moped or Scooter Sharing

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