Built for enterprise

Operating system for new mobility

Minimize costs and boost speed with a scalable, robust platform rich in APIs, facilitating custom tech development on top.

Short-term to long-term rentals

Design the mobility experience you want

Choose from various business models and components to build your mobility service. No matter the combination you choose, you will always get the best mobility experience.

Business models

Test free-floating, station-based models or new vehicle types within our platform, avoiding hefty in-house development costs.


Choose from an extensive range of integrated IoT providers and vehicle brands.

Software integrations

Pick from a suite of pre-integrated third-party services to boost your business performance.

Flexibility at scale

Flexibility by integrating your existing tech

Maintain complete oversight of crucial business components while enjoying the adaptability that our robust platform brings to the table.

Powerful APIs

Rely on our robust APIs for a seamless integration into your existing tech stack.

99.9% uptime

Offer your users a reliable and secure experience with maximum uptime.

Data Warehouse

Minimize wait times. Ensure swift response times and a smooth user experience.

Massive savings

By leveraging economies of scale, we ensure immediate IT cost savings from day one.

Mobility powerhouse

Expanding choices tailored to your business needs

Benefit from a constantly evolving platform, enriched by insights from daily collaboration with global mobility experts.

Multiple business models, one single platform.

Unify multiple business models for a great user experience within one platform. Allow users to effortlessly transition between diverse service offers, all within a single mobile application.

Tech and product support

An experienced team of mobility and tech experts

Benefit from talented mobility and tech expertsfocused on your business objectives.

Dedicated account team

A dedicated team guarantees a smooth migration and optimized operation of the platform.

Technical support

Our support team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience

24/7 on-call

Our passionate engineers are always on standby, ensuring swift responses to any incidents.

Future-proof your mobility stack

Let’s discuss ways to boost your mobility business with us.