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Pricing plan

Prices may vary by your entity’s location.

Connected Car
Connect your fleet with goUrban and boost your station-based or free-floating business!
€25 EUR
per connected vehicle / mo
Discounts available on higher volume and region
Supported IoTs
Connected Bike, Scooter or Moped
Connect your fleet with goUrban and boost your station-based or free-floating business!
€15 EUR
per connected vehicle / mo
Discounts available on higher volume and region
Supported IoTs / Vehicles
Teltonika, Comodule
ACTON, AIKE, Segway, NIU, SuperSoco and OKAI
Pure Vehicles
Only equipped with a bike lock without real-time tracking capabilities.
€8 EUR
per vehicle / mo
Discounts available on higher volume and region
Supported Locks

These operational modes are included


Effortlessly oversee thousands of vehicles within a virtual geofence, ensuring seamless adherence to city regulations, all supported by the latest MDS / GBFS standards.


Elevate customer satisfaction with a modern user journey, offering keyless vehicle access and a seamless digital experience for your station-based mobility service.

Docking stations

From managing docking stations across the city to providing vehicles to tourists in front of hotels, our platform swiftly adapts, getting your business model live with ease.


Tailor the price for bookings to your business model with our flexible price configuration.

Booking rules

Meet legal criteria for various vehicle types by setting category-specific rental requirements for users.

Location management

Seamlessly scale your business across multiple locations, countries, and currencies with our platform. Our comprehensive permissions feature supports complex organizational needs.

Data insights

Grow sustainably with our built-in analytics, empowering you to make informed decisions.


Support the most popular payment options in your region to ensure maxium conversion.


Bill users via our built-in invoicing feature or seamlessly integrate with your internal billing tools through our integration layer.

Damage management

Users can easily verify, confirm, and report damages via our web and mobile applications.

Penalty management

Directly bill users for speeding tickets, damages, or contractual fees and monitor their payments.


Provide users with added services, such as additional drivers and insurance packages.


Implement smart dispatching rules for balanced vehicle usage and depreciation, while factoring in aspects like charge states of electric vehicles.

Task management

Set triggers for vehicle tasks creation to ensure a reliable and well-maintained fleet for your users.

Business accounts

Enable businesses to book vehicles for trips and efficiently manage cost centers.

Upgrades for your business

Streamline your B2B operations

Benefit from a dedicated point of contact at goUrban for any issues when purchasing IoT devices. As an IoT-agnostic company, we always provide neutral recommendations, ensuring the best device fit for your specific business needs.

Driving license verification

Ensure user authenticity with our KYC service for automated driving license verification. Streamline onboarding, reduce liabilities, and elevate user trust. Say goodbye to manual checks, cut costs, and boost operational efficiency.

Data warehouse and insights

Access normalized data for optimal consistency and quality of your mobility analytics, powered by our Snowflake-run data warehouse. For those seeking hands-on analysis, our Business Insight Tool, 'Metabase', is available for your convenience.

Premium technical support

Opt for faster response times and regular updates on support tickets. Plus, benefit from our financial commitment to maintain our exceptional availability rate, all within a guaranteed SLA.


General questions

Do you have a minimum requirement for vehicle numbers?

We work with a minimum fleet size of 80 vehicles to ensure we deliver high-quality service right from the start.

Why should I commit vehicles?

Benefit from significant volume discounts as you increase your fleet commitment.

Which volume discounts do you provide?

goUrban offers volume discounts tailored to your growing fleet. Our flexible pricing tiers are based on the number of vehicles connected, letting you focus on expanding your operations.

Which location discounts do you provide?

goUrban features location-based pricing to align with the purchasing power and market conditions of different countries. For customized pricing, please contact us.

What is included in the cost per vehicle per month?

With goUrban, you will get a white-label app for users, an operations dashboard, and a service application for vehicle maintenance. Optional add-ons like connectivity and automated driving license verification are also available.

Can additional vehicle types be integrated?

Additional vehicle or IoT integrations are available upon request, subject to additional fees.

What additional costs come on top of the monthly fee?

Third-party related costs may incur depending on the integrations used for operations. Such services are for example for communication, marketing, customer support, identity verification.

What costs are involved in using third parties?

Some integrations like Twilio and Veriff may incur additional monthly fees billed through goUrban. Other third-party services, such as Payment gateways or OneSignal, will require separate billing directly from the provider.

What is the payment frequency and how will I be charged?

Payments to goUrban are made monthly via wire transfer (unless otherwise specified) and due within 5 days of invoice receipt.

What happens if I add more vehicles than initially agreed?

Commit to a minimum number of vehicles to start. Add unlimited additional vehicles anytime, billed monthly. Charges apply on the first of each month for any vehicle active in the previous month.

Can I add my own design to the mobile application?

The goUrban application is a white-label application and the design can be customised with your logos, colours, splash back and login screen images.

Everything you need to run a shared mobility business, all in one place