Free-Floating or Station-Based

Launch your Carsharing Service

Whether it is on-demand or pre-booked rentals, our platform adapts to your specific needs, offering your customers the flexibility and convenience you envision.

Tailoring the right business model for your market with our platform

The path towards profitability

Mastering the complexity of car-based models demands ongoing optimization for exceptional user experiences and minimized operational costs. We position ourselves as partners in this journey, providing continuous technological updates to support you.

Dynamic pricing

Offer diverse pricing models including weekend, night, and day rates, complemented by the ability to automatically apply discounts for less in-demand vehicles.

Seamless rental experience

A state-of-the-art mobile and web application, regularly updated, focuses on ensuring a smooth onboarding and rental experience for users.

Data insights

Our advanced data warehouse infrastructure, equipped with modern business insight tools, enables us to collaborate closely with you for in-depth business analysis.


Share cars across a business zone within a city

Area management: Ensure compliance with city regulations by efficiently managing multiple geofenced areas.

Availability tools: Utilize our comprehensive fleet management tools, including task management and service app, to guarantee vehicle readiness for rentals.

Demand analysis: Utilize heatmaps and geospatial data to identify and understand performance variations across different areas.


Allow users to pre-book vehicles at specific locations

Digital rent-a-car: Offer a completely digital rental experience, featuring contactless vehicle pickup and return.

City car sharing: Achieve an optimal user experience using fewer vehicles compared to free-floating models, making it an efficient and effective choice.

Rural carsharing: Strategically place stations near train stations or central locations to offer a convenient and flexible last-mile transportation solution.

Leverage vehicle data

Take the fear from electric vehicles

Charging Stations: Our mobile app displays compatible charging stations, enabling users to easily locate and access them. This feature helps to minimize charging roaming costs by guiding users to preferred stations.

Charging State: Track your vehicle's charging status in real-time, ensuring timely unplugging to optimize battery health and longevity.

Vehicle Data: Maintain a clear focus on your fleet by continuously monitoring key availability metrics and relevant vehicle data.

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