Shared mobility for corporate fleets

Digitalize Your Car Park

Implement a fully digital booking system and cost-center based billing to ensure your fleet unlock cost-savings, empower your employees and accelerate your sustainability strategy

A complete digital experience for simple vehicle access management

Smooth employee experience

Our technology provides a secure employee onboarding and a hassle-free digital booking process. Your employees can rent vehicles during evenings and weekends, ensuring flexibility and convenience for them.

Unique expertise

goUrban has been developing software for shared mobility use cases since 2016 with customers ranging from SMEs to corporates with tens of thousands of employees

Data security

Highly robust and secure data security in place - owing to the fact that large (regulated) financial services firms are amongst our key clients; all data sharing is fully GDPR-compliant

Leader in ESG

We have been partnering with reputable ESG think-tanks for several years and understand the needs and challenges of ESG reporting; our software is fully CSRD-compliant

Cars, bikes, scooters

Cover all mobility needs with goUrban

Flexibility: Offer employees a range of transportation options, including cars, bikes, and scooters, to perfectly match their individual mobility requirements.

Keyless Access: Improve the booking experience by offering keyless entry via mobile phone or employee cards.

Charging Infrastructure: Utilize advanced docking and charging stations to ensure employees consistently have access to fully charged vehicles.

Full transparency over all vehicles

Sophisticated management tools

Implement real-time monitoring for your fleet and its users as well as digital damage management to ensure safe and secure operations.

Simplify business operations from driver identity verification to payment processing and invoicing.

Streamline maintenance workflows with automated notifications, task distribution, and efficient dispatch of service crews.

Meet your ESG goals with customized KPIs and comprehensive usage reports.

Reduced costs, enhanced ESG metrics and happy employees

Fully optimized mobility strategy

Cost savings from higher vehicle utilization.

Lower CO2 / Scope1-3 emmissions, i.a. from reduced fleet size.

Reduced damages from better tracking.

Automated  reporting for CSRD requirements.

High employee satisfaction from perks like private usage for corporate vehicles.

Boost your employer branding with a 'greener' mobility strategy.

Optional benefits for employees

Enable private usage of vehicles

Give your employees possibility to rent out your shared vehicles for their private use.

Alternatively provide them with mobility budgets that allow employees to “spend” budget for private use

Great perk for employees and can be revenue-generating, reducing total cost of ownership.

Tax office compliant

Digital Driving Logs

Efficiency in Reporting: Enable adding stops and reasons for each booking, facilitating detailed journey tracking - no more spreadsheets.

Understand the data: Utilize data to analyze and understand your company's mobility patterns, enabling further optimization of fleet usage and efficiency.

GDPR Compliance: Our  approach aligns with modern data protection laws and work council requirements, upholding stringent standards of user data security and privacy.

Take your first step towards a future proof mobility concept

Reach out to us for a free one-hour consultation on possibilities to create a more attractive mobility offer for your employees.