Docking stations

Take, Drive, Park

Provide users an efficient, station-based mobility journey and cut down on maintenance costs.

Hardware agnostic

Pick the hardware you prefer

To ensure optimal performance and a seamless user experience, select the hardware that best aligns with your business needs and user expectations. Besides supporting already a broad selection of integrated docking stations and vehicle brands / IoTs, the in-house built device cloud provides you the flexibility to integrate additional brands on demand.

Read how the goUrban platform helped Wattzer to integrate new bikes, kickscooters and docking stations for the business of Wattzer.

Run operations efficiently

Craft a business model optimized for station-based sharing

From placing vehicles at hotels, operating city-wide shared mobility, to collaborating with real estate properties - our years of expertise ensure your business takes off successfully.

Implement business hours to guarantee consistent docking station access for your users.

Exchange vehicles mid-rental to ensure users always have a charged ride.

Offer ride-pass promotions for daily or weekly rentals to attract users.

Proactively monitor hardware for early issue detection, ensuring a seamless user experience with your docking stations.

Sell to businesses

Provide businesses with a seamless experience, unlocking new revenue streams for your service

Your business partners can effortlessly set up an account, manage members, establish cost centers, and integrate with their existing accounting tools. Payment options include credit card, SEPA, and monthly invoicing.

Fight fraud

Reduce the number of unpaid invoices

Instead of just blocking user accounts, restrict specific payment methods like certain credit card numbers.

Implement a proven dunning process to maximize collection of outstanding payments.

Offer users flexibility with a comprehensive range of modern payment options.

Promptly monitor and address unpaid invoices to prevent further issues from fraudulent users.

Data-driven decisions

Position your stations in high-demand areas

Make informed location choices using data-driven insights from our analytical tools.

Monitor business performance in real-time, across all locations or drill down to a single one.

Understand user behavior to continuously enhance conversion and retention rates.

All you need to run a successfulstation-based shared mobility