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Discover why entrepreneurs choose goUrban to build their business - from launching to operating massive fleets with cars, mopeds, bikes and scooters.


Oversee thousands of vehicles within a virtual geofence, while ensuring seamless adherence to city regulations, all supported by the latest MDS / GBFS standards.


Elevate customer satisfaction with a modern user journey, offering keyless vehicle access and a seamless digital experience for your station-based mobility service.

Docking stations

From managing docking stations across the city to providing vehicles to tourists in front of hotels, our platform swiftly adapts, getting your business model live with ease.


Complex environments require a reliable platform for seamless integration and features built to support precise roles & permissions.

Build a shared mobility service

Your mission with your apps

Craft your mobility offering

Bring your vision to life with our customizable mobile and web applications.

Adapt to your brand

Establish a consistent brand identity for a unified appearance to your users.

Connect to services

Collaborate with an extensive ecosystem of integrated services to deliver a seamless experience to your users.

Powerful marketing tools with proven track record

From first touchpoint to increasing engagement

Turn potential customers into active users

Find new users with our seamless digital onboarding – get your users started in minutes!

Keep users attracted to your service

Offering extensive business model opportunities – from memberships to vouchers– to keep your users engaged.

Data you can build on

Take control of your customer data and explore customer insights that drive future growth and profitability.

Take care of your fleet

Vehicles ready for your users at all times

Maintenance made easy

Use dedicated workflows for fleet managers and service workers to boost availability and cut operational costs.

Optimized vehicle distribution

Leverage our tools to analyze vehicle utilization and finetune your fleet distribution.

24/7 availability

People depend on new mobility as much as they do on ATMs for cash. Our 24/7 on-call services and quality assurance expertise ensure we uphold this promise.

Centralized business operations

Streamlined workflows to run your operations

Oversee your success

Unlock vital insights about your business, fleet, and users with our integrated analytics.

Manage user happiness

Gather user feedback and respond promptly to ensure your company provides the best-in-class mobility offering in your region.

Control your finances

Seamlessly integrate the goUrban platform with your financial and bookkeeping tools through automated data exports.

"Thanks to goUrban, we have added shared mobility as a thriving new vertical to our family's car distribution business.."

Francisco Vidal

Owner of a rental business

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