Shared Mobility for Corporate Fleets

Digitalize Pool Vehicles

Implement a fully digital booking system and cost-center based billing to ensure your fleet aligns with mobility budgets and adapts to evolving digital trends.

Seamlessly integrated into your fleet management software

Enabling Mobility Budgets

Enable employees to effortlessly book vehicles on demand for both business and personal use. Our platform offers diverse pricing models and customizable booking rules, ensuring accurate billing aligned with each individual's assigned mobility budget.

Digital Booking Process

Offer state-of-the-art mobile and web applications for easy vehicle booking, complemented by a keyless pickup and driving experience.

Give flexibility to employees

Enhance the employee’s weekend plans with the option to book vehicles for private use, offering a perfect blend of professional utility and personal freedom.

Integrate into your ERP

Allow employees to allocate trip expenses to the appropriate cost center. Additionally, the platform offers the capability for automatic synchronization with an ERP system (e.g. SAP).

Cars, Bikes, Scooters

Digital Corporate Mobility Experience

Flexibility: Offer employees a range of transportation options, including cars, bikes, and scooters, to perfectly match their individual mobility requirements.

Keyless Access: Improve the booking experience by offering keyless entry via the mobile phone or employer cards.

Charging Infrastructure: Utilize advanced docking and charging stations to ensure employees consistently have access to fully charged vehicles.

Tax office compliant

Digital Driving Logs

Efficiency in Reporting: Enable adding stops and reasons for each booking, facilitating detailed journey tracking.

Understand the data: Utilize this data to analyze and understand your company's mobility patterns, enabling further optimization of fleet usage and efficiency.

GDPR Compliance: Our platform ensures user privacy by not tracking or storing the movement of individuals during business or private trips. This approach aligns with modern data protection laws and work council requirements, upholding stringent standards of user data security and privacy.

Leverage vehicle data

Take the fear from electric vehicles

Charging Stations: Our mobile app displays compatible charging stations, enabling users to easily locate and access them. This feature helps to minimize charging roaming costs by guiding users to preferred stations.

Charging State: Track your vehicle's charging status in real-time, ensuring timely unplugging to optimize battery health and longevity.

Vehicle Data: Utilize our APIs to seamlessly integrate real-time vehicle data, such as odometer readings, into your existing fleet management system for enhanced tracking and efficiency.

Take your first step towards a future proof mobility concept

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